Michael and Susan Burke

The Malvern Hotel and Belgian Beer Cafe Melbourne 


The Burke family name has earned a solid reputation within the Victorian Hotel industry, having begun in the 1970s when Kevin Burke purchased his first hotel. This passion and thirst for the industry is now continued by Kevin’s son Michael, who has carried on the family’s legacy.

When you’re running a venue, all manner of situations arise that impact both the business and the family. Business does have a personal impact … in fact your business is an important part of the family!

We know that we can contact Fordham with a problem or idea, or anything that might be on our minds, trusting completely that their intimate knowledge of our circumstances enables them to provide reliable advice and strategic solutions. The key for us is we have advisors we trust so we can focus on the business operation. They know us and our history because they’ve lived it with us.


Along the way there have been many challenges and engagements. From acquiring and selling hotels, to estate planning and asset protection, business partner equity agreements and of course … tax. The relationship has been built on the understanding that Fordham is there to support the Burke family and their businesses from start to finish.


Fordham doesn’t just work with us, they work alongside us, and that really means a lot.

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