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Motor Dealer Services


Industry expertise

Since 1984, Fordham Motor Dealer Services has been one of the leading advisors and accountants to motor dealers throughout Australia, with clients ranging from smaller rural-based operations to larger multi-franchised metropolitan businesses.

We even help new dealers get started through target selection and negotiation, due diligence and reviews, LMCT and finance proposals, manufacturer and distributor proposals and contacts in the industry.

Together with Fordham’s owner focused service model, we integrate taxation, asset protection, wealth accumulation and retirement planning into specialist services. Through strong direct relationships and consistent focus on strategy, no other team of advisors can deliver such service to motor dealers.


Motor dealer propositon

"Fordham helps motor dealers solve their problems and plan their futures."

Who do we act for?

We act exclusively for privately owned motor dealerships, their owners and their families

In fact we say "no" to factories, governments and other organisations. It's all about the private business owner and their dealership.

We help our motor dealer clients ...

... understand and manage their business

Our in-depth knowledge of the industry forms the backbone of our consulting advice. Our planning methodology and active advice assists in building profit and value, managing risk, withstanding hardship, seizing opportunities, extracting wealth and ultimately, dealing with succession.

... build and protect their wealth

Our asset protection philosophy isolates business risk from personal assets and provides a framework to quietly build wealth in a structured, risk aware environment.

... plan and structure their lives

Our methodology integrates taxation, wealth, retirement, investment and estate planning to facilitate co-ordination of the key stages in the lives of our clients and their families.

What value do we bring?

We provide a depth of service that only comes through unconditional market focus

As we work only with one type of client we understand the big picture. Our approach to maintaining knowledge and skill is delivered through our client service philosophy, methodology and framework. Our commitment to planning with our clients builds our relationships and sets our service agenda for the future. As a result we become their valued and trusted advisor.

Motor dealer team

"The Fordham Motor Dealer Services Team is committed to helping owners improve the profitability of their businesses and consistently delivers services that dealers want, value and need."

Motor dealers have been part of the Fordham DNA since 1984. Driven from a passion about cars and business, we have built the skills of our team from the ground up. Most of our people originally started with us as graduates. Collectively, our team has over 60 years of specialist motor industry expertise. As part of the broader Fordham business services practice, they offer the same range of highly specialised skills and expertise provided to all our business owner clients. In addition, they provide cutting edge advice and a range of niche services specifically for motor dealers. In fact, the team is well known in the marketplace for its extensive range of services and ongoing commitment to the needs of motor dealers. At the forefront of industry best practice initiatives, and with an entire team of dedicated specialist Partners and staff, we are able to drive initiatives, education and management for the benefit of a large number of motor dealers.

Best practice

"We strive to understand the various constituents of “best practice” for a motor dealer."

To achieve this requires a dedication to research, undertaking both structured and informal surveys, conducting questionnaires, talking with industry experts, reading technical literature, attending seminars and conferences and importantly, understanding and showing our learnings from client experiences. This knowledge forms the backbone of our internal Motor Dealer Excellence Group. The group is responsible for driving knowledge, defining best practice and training our people. They produce position papers, KPIs, seminars and publications and ensure that we maintain our industry leading position. As a result, all of our motor dealer clients benefit from this philosophy and their business practices are the beneficiary.

Further information

Contact David Buckley, Frank Genobile, Neil Cahir, Laura RogersAdrian Palone or visit the Info Centre.