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Industry expertise

Retail is tough and retailers face unique challenges … but clever operators know how to convert challenges into opportunities. How do they do it?

The key to success is building a model that enables a business to gear up quickly when work is plentiful and downsize effectively when times are tough. Clever retailers develop a business model which allows them to compete, then replicate this model across various locations and retail outlets.

The Fordham Retail Services Team provides specialised, practical advice to retailers specifically in apparel, hospitality and ecommerce. Clients range from smaller start-ups to large international brands, but all are private businesses. Our owner focused service methodology has come about through years of experience dealing with private business owners. This absolute focus means that we can assist with building both business value and the personal wealth of the owner, while ensuring that assets are protected along the way.

Our suite of specialist services can be tailored specifically to meet the complex needs of retailers, including:

  • Profit improvement and benchmarking
  • Financial modelling
  • Cash-flow optimisation
  • Sourcing external finance
  • Tax effective structuring for now, and long-term tax planning for growing businesses
  • Structuring property ownership via superannuation funds
  • Asset protection, passive investments and risk minimisation
  • Business acquisitions and disposals
  • Business valuations
  • Assistance navigating the essentials of ecommerce start-ups
  • Expanding your ecommerce reach into new markets

As an active member of industry bodies in the retail industry, including NORA and Ragtrader, we can connect you to a strong network of industry participants.

Further information

Contact Sharon Parker, Michael Sutherland or Michael Doughty for more information.