Mark Johnson

Locksmiths’ Supplies

“We were with a big accounting firm but then our bank introduced us to Fordham.

We needed help to untangle our succession plan, which had become overcomplicated, and had been unresolved for quite a few years.

They were talented and very persistent. With their help, we sorted through the issues, and were both thankful and impressed.

The business remains in the family, and their approach and effort gave us the confidence to switch all of our accountancy and taxation work to them. With over 4,000 customers, 24,000 products, 6 locations and 100 staff, we needed a long term partner who took the time to really understand our ethos and business.

Looking back, talking to Fordham has turned out to be a great decision. With their help, we’re continuing to remain an integral part of the lock and security products industry in Australia.”


We needed a long term partner.

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