Native Title

Perpetual and Fordham work together to help Aboriginal communities invest and distribute their money sustainably and in the best interests of the whole community.

Perpetual is Australia's oldest trustee company and it has been helping Australians to grow and protect their wealth for over 130 years. It works with 19 Aboriginal communities across Australia, acting as trustee and investment manager, managing their funds to help the communities meet their future goals.

Perpetual also extends its relationship with Aboriginal communities through its Reconciliation Action Plan.

Why work with Perpetual and Fordham?

Our long trustee heritage and the personal commitment and experience of the Perpetual and Fordham team make all the difference.

Fordham specialises in delivering member benefits programs and consulting services to Aboriginal communities around Australia. Working closely with our native title trusts and investments team, we will ensure that your community's needs are met. Fordham can provide the full suite of accounting services, as well as project analysis, business structuring advice and executive office services.

  • Why run a trust?

  • Community control

  • Practical results

  • Grow and protect

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