John Pascoe

City Automobiles


John Pascoe owns and manages the successful City Automobiles dealership. He bought his first dealership, City Saab, in 1989.

“It was tough going in those first few years. But I expanded into emerging markets and the dealership experienced significant growth as a result … to the point where we outgrew our accountant.

I’d known of their expertise in the motor dealer industry and as soon as we met I knew they were the right fit. They were young, energetic and switched on … just like us! Due to their expertise in the industry, they always give practical, professional and objective advice.

They continually help me with complicated tax matters and work with me to improve the administrative procedures of the dealership. They’ve also helped me to be proactive with planning. Not just planning for the business, but planning for my future. The total package.

Every time I go for advice, they put themselves in my shoes and ask ‘What would be best for John Pascoe?’”


They are clearly the leaders in advising motor dealers.

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