Gordon New

Ronson Gears


“Our growth highlighted the need for a new accountant with the expertise we needed to expand. Our bank manager recommended these guys and since then we have not looked back.

They have totally changed our lives. When we met them over ten years ago, we didn’t know what we were missing. We know how to make great gears, and they know how to build great businesses. They worked with us and taught us how to professionalise our approach to our family business. That’s why I keep referring my colleagues to them.

They have enabled us to take control of our growth by focusing on immediate priorities and taking a short term tactical approach. As a result, more opportunities have presented themselves to us because we are constantly thinking about the business, rather than just working in it. They have given us the confidence to take our small family business global!”

Gordon New

We now see our future as world class exporters.

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