Selling your business guide

A once in a lifetime opportunity to build the family’s wealth

Most owners dream of the day when a stranger knocks on the door offering wads of cash. It rarely happens that way.

We are often asked:

  • When is the right time to sell?
  • Should I wait?
  • Has the credit crunch dried up all the buyers?
  • Will I lose it all in tax?
  • So what do you think it is worth?
  • What would happen to the staff after a sale?
  • Will I have enough money from the sale to be able to retire on?

And we hear stories like:

  • I am worried that my staff, customers or competitors will find out that the business is for sale.
  • My friend tried to sell his business. It took so long that the business suffered and the buyer pulled out.
  • My senior management could buy it, but they don’t have the funds.
  • My competitors keep knocking on my door to buy my business but I don’t know whether to give them my information or whether they will pay me the best price.

These types of concerns will drive the timing and strategy for the ultimate exit. Properly planned and managed, the process provides an effective path for the owner to follow. Read more below…

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