Peter Carroll

Numbers. Numbers. Numbers. So often confusing and deceiving. But Peter has an uncanny eye for understanding the true meaning behind financial accounts. A skill required by owners of private businesses contemplating valuation, acquisition, merger and even disposal.

Peter ensures that his own Partners achieve the highest standard of consulting services work and is instrumental in the development of standard operating methodologies and risk assessments for these types of engagements.

Peter also has significant experience in mergers, acquisitions, divestments and capital raising. He enjoys coaching and mentoring his clients – working with them to solve problems and helping them with taxation, business planning, succession planning, asset protection, estate planning, business performance planning, corporate governance, directorships, asset protection and wealth planning assignments.

His diligent and questioning approach keeps clients from complacency. His communicative manner has clients feeling that he is always by their side. Peter currently services private business clients across a range of different industries.