Neil Cahir

Practical, diligent, calm and considered. Highly motivated and adaptable. Neil Cahir’s ability to think clearly on his feet enables him to constantly develop new and innovative strategies for his clients in the constantly evolving motor dealer industry.

Initially discovering Fordham at a university open day, and with the recommendation of a friend already working for us, Neil knew immediately that Fordham’s combined focus on people, privately owned businesses and superior service was the right fit for him … and so in 2005 he commenced as a graduate with our Motor Dealer Services team.

Since then, Neil has worked with a wide variety of clients and experienced many different business situations – from seemingly simple family matters and “everyday” business issues, to significant business sales and acquisitions. All of this in addition to running numerous and significant annual compliance and tax engagements, due diligence and restructures, minority equity and management buy-ins, valuations and estate planning. In addition to outstanding taxation capability, Neil also has a deep (and growing) expertise in commercial advisory skills focused on privately owned motor retailers.

Neil’s passion is to actively pursue Fordham’s full client service program for all of his clients, ensuring that they are being exposed to the full range of opportunities and protection that the Fordham Wealth Journey® model provides. Of course, this includes the very timely profit improvement and succession planning components that are so sought after in today’s business environment.

Happily, Neil’s instincts as a young university graduate were correct and he thoroughly enjoys working with business owners and advising on a wide variety of topics. Neil enjoys his role, loves helping his clients, and it shows … every client, every day.