Michael Sutherland

With a valuable combination of technical skills and charisma, Michael is a talented and likeable advisor who helps his business owner clients enhance the performance of their businesses and protect and build their wealth away from business risk.

Commencing his career in 1991 with one of the Big Four accounting firms, Michael joined Fordham ten years later as he was keen to focus specifically on privately owned businesses. Since then he has continued to excel – an easy task as he truly enjoys making a meaningful impact in the lives of his clients!

Core to Michael’s talent is a deep understanding of the issues intrinsic to running a successful private business. He uses his skills across a group of appreciative clients in planning, structuring, specialist taxation, asset protection, tax management, valuations, business buy and sell transactions and retirement and estate planning.

Michael has significant experience in assisting clients across a range of diverse industries, including a deep working knowledge and appreciation of businesses operating in property development, the apparel and fashion industry, and the rapidly changing aged care industry.

Talented, capable and full of personality; Michael is an excellent team leader, efficiently delivering what his clients want, value and need.