Michael Doughty

For over 30 years Michael Doughty has thrived on the intricacies involved in assisting businesses with unusually complex structures, including property owners, retailers and primary producers.

Michael provides technical guidance to start-ups and established businesses on a range of issues including structuring, income tax, GST, taxation of complex transactions and capital gains tax matters. He also helps domestic entities and foreign subsidiaries with “back office” and compliance services.

Michael works with high net worth individuals, their family members and related economic entities on strategic and tax compliance decisions, and navigates deceased estates through complex issues such as property ownership.

All of this, in addition to working within communities on property amalgamations, including initiatives to enhance those opportunities, advising on local council issues and working with developers and agents.

Dedicated to keeping himself and his colleagues up to date with cutting edge developments in the financial services industry, especially issues surrounding taxation and business, Michael fosters a strong focus on training and development.

In fact, Michael is so passionate about current thinking and trends, that he has written and presented external national training courses covering areas such as business structures, tax compliance, accounting, analysis of financial statements and tax returns – all run by the University of New South Wales for the Australian Taxation Office.

Michael likes to keep busy almost as much as he likes helping his clients – and their businesses – to succeed!