Kyle Wathen

Calm under pressure, action oriented and focused on achieving results for his clients, Kyle Wathen is an extremely efficient and well organised asset to the Fordham business, and a trusted advisor to all!

Joining Fordham in 2009, Kyle came qualified with comprehensive industry experience in the property and construction sector through his role in the finance department with a master planned property developer.

Since then, Kyle has developed in depth knowledge across the valuable Fordham Wealth Journey® offering, helping his clients to grow their business, protect their assets and plan for the future. In particular Kyle has developed a core strength in business succession strategies for private business owners, including merger and acquisition transactions.

Increasingly, for clients who value an objective external perspective and to retain focus on longer term strategy, Kyle has been appointed to client management and board meetings, along with fulfilling the trusted role of independent director of client philanthropic funds. Likewise, he is a knowledgeable presenter at industry events facilitated by the likes of the Master Builders Association of Victoria and the Housing Industry Association.

Along with looking after his clients, Kyle is also national chairman of both our Corporate Finance and Property and Construction Industry Edge groups. These are Fordham’s internal cutting edge knowledge groups, responsible for the research and development of industry leading intellectual property, and the dissemination of this knowledge across the firm and onto our clients!

Naturally, Kyle has a sound understanding of compliance and taxation matters, corporate structures, financing, financial modelling, superannuation, estate planning and the interactions of complex family groups.

With a focused approach to delivering results for his clients, Kyle is an outstanding practitioner who ensures he is accessible to all. A well rounded, driven and accomplished advisor, Kyle is proactive in assisting his clients on their own personal wealth journey