Brett Marshall

Brett Marshall has a passion for assisting clients and delivering quality outcomes. This shines through every day and is evidenced by his long standing client relationships.

Working with business owners across a range of industries, including food services, engineering and publishing, Brett has developed a particularly strong understanding of the property and construction industry. He has worked with the owners of large land development businesses, residential and commercial builders, as well as civil construction, earth moving, fire protection and project management businesses.

Brett guides many of his clients as chair of their operating and family boards, playing a key role in developing models and forecasts for their business and ensuring that best practice performance is achieved. In addition, he is experienced in dealing with a diverse range of consulting assignments, including business valuations, small business CGT concessions, business succession and retirement planning.

Given his skills and involvement across these specialist business issues, Brett is an active member of the firm’s in house excellence group for taxation – understanding changing tax law as it relates to tax planning, corporate finance and assessing the impact of strategic structures for our clients.

Interestingly, Brett has also been a business owner, having owned and managed a hospitality business for five years. This helped him gain a personal and intimate understanding of the challenges private businesses face.

Through his ability to provide punctual advice and quickly build rapport, Brett has developed strong relationships with all of his clients across a range of industries.