Adrian Palone

Passionate, driven and enthusiastic – Adrian Palone provides you with the ideas, solutions and advice to help your business grow!

Starting as a Graduate with Fordham in 2007, Adrian was attracted to our singular focus on private business owners, in particular motor dealers and the intricacies involved with running a dealership.

Since then, Adrian has relished working exclusively with the Fordham Motor Dealer Services team. He has gained exposure to a wide variety of significant compliance engagements, plans and family matters, not to mention the day to day issues every business owner is all too familiar with.

Adrian excels in delivering services that his clients want, value and need. He strives to provide particular value for his clients in the areas of planning, accounting and taxation, profit improvement, management and equity, and succession planning, along with business sales and acquisitions.

In addition, Adrian assists with the facilitation of the industry leading Mazda Excellence Group comparison meetings and attends the world renowned National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) conventions. Both of which have allowed Adrian to refine his already significant industry knowledge and given him the tools to challenge dealers on their performance and guide them on motor dealership best practice.

Adrian’s superior work ethic and commitment is second to none. He works hard to ensure that his clients receive the best advice that will help them to succeed and achieve their goals – and he always delivers!