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Reward and


We are our people, and our people are the stars …

Be appreciated

Fordham recognises and rewards staff in line with their abilities and contributions. Promotions are based purely on merit, ensuring that the pace of each person’s career is determined solely by their performance and desire to achieve.

Flexible work environment

Want to work from home, work part time, plan work around your sporting commitments, or leave early to get to the snow before dark? No problems. At Fordham, we actively encourage people to keep a balance between their work and life.

Your role in change

Our firm’s opportunity for improvement system allows you to contribute to the successful running of the firm. Each staff member has the opportunity to provide suggestions as to how we can improve our processes, or work more efficiently.

Performance appraisals and reviews

With our performance and salary review process, individuals are constantly gaining feedback on their performance, and thinking about how to shape their career with the firm. Each staff member is evaluated, recognised and remunerated on the basis of merit. How far you want to take it is up to you.

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