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Industry expertise

Is it still worthwhile manufacturing in Australia? It is if you are a niche manufacturer, and have a reason to manufacture in Australia and a competitive advantage. This could be a geographical competitive advantage, a specialised form of intellectual property, workforce, infrastructure or other barriers to entry.

From the time you commence your engagement with Fordham, we will challenge the business decisions you are making. Many of these decisions may not be active decisions you have made, as you may be continuing to do something in a particular way “because that is the way it has always been done”.

Do you know how each of your products contributes to the bottom line? Are you manufacturing at a loss or even a marginal contribution? Believe it or not, this may be worthwhile.

Does your internal financial reporting provide you with accurate information on a timely basis to make the business decisions you need to make. How is your business going to change over the next five years?

We act for a number of well known manufacturers in Victoria, and believe we can work with you to optimise your business in line with your personal objectives. We also act for businesses with an offshore manufacturing base.

There are a range of critical issues to consider including local content, local ownership and taxation.

Further information

Contact Peter Carroll, Richard van der Merwe, Michael Sutherland or Stephen Waite for more information.