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We act for a number of IT entrepreneurs who are at different stages of their business life cycle. Some of them are serial entrepreneurs skipping from one project to the next. So how do we help them? For all new projects we ensure that the structure suits their personal needs and mitigates risks through asset protection and tax planning strategies. We listen, and therefore understand their ultimate goals and tailor a structure to suit. In many instances this may include starting a new business between two or more IT entrepreneurs.

For growing or expanding IT businesses, cash is often the biggest concern. We help our clients through this tough phase, whether that be through assisting in the raising of funds or ensuring that cash crystallised by a previous project is utilised in the new venture – without putting all of the previous gains of the old business at risk.

Then there is planning your exit. With many IT businesses this can mean the opportunity to create exponential gains. We assist the owner with ensuring the business is sale ready. We help find the right buyer and provide guidance as to value. And of course we ensure the transaction is always structured to legitimately minimise tax.

Further information

Contact Richard van der Merwe and Michael Doughty for more information.