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Industry expertise

The world has changed. In spite of the downturn in the economy, China, India and the rest of Asia has rationalised the manufacturing sector in Australia forever. And it’s no longer just footwear, clothing and textiles – it is our whole manufacturing base.

It is a challenge to source quality reliable products from countries where the tradition of commercial law differs from ours. Switching to imported products to supplement or replace existing lines requires planning. The requirement to fund 30 days prior to receiving goods from Asia, compared with paying 60 days after receiving goods from a local supplier can be a shock. Managing ongoing quality and IP issues is a never ending challenge.

Each situation has its challenges, but Fordham have the experiences of many. We have been involved in varied aspects of importing. We can help find the solutions to complex problems. We also have local contacts!

Further information

Contact Peter Carroll, Sharon Parker, Michael Sutherland or Stuart Le Cornu for more information.