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Succession planning

We are one of Australia’s most experienced facilitators of exit strategies for business owners. We provide highly valued guidance for short and long term value accretion leading to substantial wealth effects.

Wealth planning

Building wealth outside the business. What happens if things go wrong? How can the owner generate greater after tax wealth in the long term? What is at risk and what firewalls can be put in place to protect hard earned wealth?

Equity holder agreements

How do you overcome inertia and construct shareholder or partnership agreements to deal with income, capital, sickness or death, minorities, good and bad times, value and fairness? How should you instruct a lawyer to ensure the best and most integrated outcome?

Intergenerational wealth planning

This covers building an estate plan, limitations of wills, roles of trusts and super funds, empowering the next generation, “what if” scenarios and leaving clear guidance.