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Trust Estates

Protecting and providing for those we care about is something we all want to do. That’s about more than a will. It’s about careful estate planning and the smart use of trusts and professional advice to protect your wealth and your family.

However, when you deal with the future, every situation is potentially complex. And there are a whole range of business, legal, family, investment and tax situations where careful estate planning and the strategic use of trust structures can be invaluable.

With expertise in the specialised disciplines of tax law and administration, the Fordham Trust Estates Team work by your side to balance short and long term needs and personal, business and family considerations.

We can help you with tax and accounting, deceased estates, testamentary trusts, self-funded retirement and special purpose trusts. We work closely with you and your beneficiaries to help reduce the compliance burden.

We are proud to be a specialist part of Perpetual, Australia’s oldest trustee company. Founded as a trustee company, Perpetual has long experience establishing and managing trusts to provide the right results for beneficiaries.

Click here to learn how Perpetual can help you manage the legal and investment issues involved in protecting and growing wealth so it benefits the people you care for.