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Advice relevant to the challenges faced by every business.

Business planning

Central to every successful business is a professional approach to planning. Without a properly considered strategy, business owners can make poor decisions and may not achieve their true potential.

Business structuring

Many business problems are caused by poor business structures. Good structures take account of responsibility, accountability and autonomy in light of the owner’s goals and ambitions.

Structure + Conduct = Performance.


  • What should your profit be?
  • Are you efficient? Do you have too much debt?
  • How do your KPI’s compare with your competitors?
  • What is world’s best practice?

Business development

  • What strategies are required to increase revenues, increase margins and manage overheads?
  • What is the underlying cost-volume-profit model for the business?
  • Does the owner understand it, report it and manage it?

Business risk insurance

The death, disability or traumatic illness of a key business person has the potential to undermine some or all of the best laid business and life plans. Having the right insurance provisions in place can help you, your business and your family to continue to prosper through difficult times. Our expert risk advisors work with you to create protection strategies specifically related to the needs of your business and family. We will help you to develop a plan which identifies and assesses the risks associated with any particular set of eventualities, then work with you to protect everyone involved.