Franchise services

Understanding the drivers of a franchise system is not an accounting exercise …

Each franchisor must deal with a group of independently minded business owners and steer them towards a mutually successful future. This interdependency, when combined with small business, creates a challenging environment. Read more about what makes a franchise successful in our brochure below.

Download: Franchise services

Most business types can be franchised, but it is not a magic solution …

Our Franchise Services team have developed sophisticated business models which can help prospective franchisors understand the nuts and bolts of their ideas. They can confidently walk you through all of the questions you should be asking:

  • Will it work?
  • How much money is needed?
  • What if targets are not achieved … or overshot?
  • How can it be funded?
  • What are the set up costs?

Download: Could this franchise be viable?