FBT Ready Reckoner

Your FBT solution is back …

… designed to make the FBT process simpler, faster and more accurate! The key features of the Fordham FBT Ready Reckoner include:

  • Easy identification of the most cost effective FBT solution for your dealership
  • Calculation of reportable fringe benefits
  • Multiple vehicle pools
  • Minimal data entry
  • Preparation of letters to employees advising of reportable fringe benefits
  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Excel
  • An intuitive interface
  • Easily account for benefits provided by manufacturers
  • Easy to read reports showing the taxable value of each benefit

The Fordham FBT Ready Reckoner has been updated and is now available to help simplify the preparation of your dealership’s Fringe Benefits Tax Return. Click below for pricing and purchase details.

Download Fringe benefits tax

Download FBT Ready Reckoner

Download 2019 Questionnaire – Fringe Benefits Tax

Download 2019 Declarations – Fringe Benefits Tax