Business expansion through acquisition seminar

Do you want to be a consolidator or part of the consolidated?

Seemingly every industry is undergoing some form of consolidation. Consolidators typically acquire business to:

  • Grow market share
  • Gain access to new products/markets
  • Gain purchasing power
  • Gain key talent
  • Benefit through achieving economies of scale
  • Provide existing key talent with a career path to grow into

As a consolidator with critical mass and market share you have options to grow and thrive in your chosen market. As a stand alone operator you risk pitting your resources against much larger competitors.

At this informative breakfast seminar you will hear from three of Fordham’s expert Partners –Michael Sutherland,Frank Genobile ,and Brett Marshall.Hear how the most successful consolidators achieve optimal outcomes through:

  • Generating strategies to win in their chosen market
  • Identifying quality acquisition targets
  • Tailoring their approach to specific acquisition opportunities
  • Assessing value and identifying key talent and the drivers of success within specific target entities
  • Consummating the transaction to benefit all parties
  • Implementing best practice integration strategies
  • Engaging key staff in the integration process

Further information

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