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Motor Dealer Team

Motor dealer team

The Fordham Motor Dealer Services Team is committed to helping owners improve the profitability of their businesses and consistently delivers services that dealers want, value and need

Motor dealers have been part of our DNA since 1984. Driven from a passion about cars and business, we have built the skills of our team from the ground up. Most of our people originally started with us as graduates..

Collectively, our team has over 60 years of specialist motor industry experience. As part of the broader Fordham Business Services Practice, they offer the same range of highly specialised skills and expertise provided to all our business owner clients. In addition, they provide cutting edge advice and a range of niche services specifically for motor dealers. In fact, the team is well known in the marketplace for its extensive range of services and ongoing commitment to the needs of motor dealers.
At the forefront of industry best practice initiatives, and with an entire team of dedicated specialist Partners and staff, they are able to drive initiatives, education and management for the benefit of a large number of motor dealers.

Further Information

Contact David Buckley, Frank Genobile, Neil Cahir or Rogers, or visit the  Info Centre

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