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Luxury car tax calculation changes …

As you are aware the Full Federal Court decision of AP Group Ltd vs Commissioner of Taxation (otherwise known as “Son of Holdback”) provided clarity on the GST liability in relation to certain motor vehicle incentive payments.

In addition the decision has changed the Australian Taxation Office’s (ATO) interpretation of how Luxury Car Tax should be calculated going forward. Click here to read the ATO’s recently released Decision Impact Statement.

Fordham Motor Dealer Services recommend that you review your internal processes in this regard to ensure that you comply with the ATO’s new interpretation. Read more below …

Download: Motor Dealer Alert-Luxury car tax-January 2014 

Spotlight on car fringe benefits …

… could there be a silver lining for your drive cars?

The Federal Labor Government’s intention to abolish the statutory formula method of valuing car fringe benefits has created a significant amount of media attention in the community, caused havoc in the salary packaging industry and has likely already impacted on your dealership’s sales … but is there an opportunity here for motor dealers?

Fordham Motor Dealer Services have modelled a comparison on providing a car fringe benefit vs paying a car allowance. We also have examples of car allowance strategies that can also provide benefits to the dealer. Read more below, or to discuss this matter further contact our Fordham Motor Dealer Services team.

 Download: Motor Dealer Alert-Spotlight on car fringe benefits-September 2013

Driving Dealer service retention 

Following our recent (and very well received) NADA Highlights Seminar held in April, this Motor Dealer Alert summarises the key points made at a workshop conducted by J.D. Power and Associates’ directors Chris Sutton and Mike Battaglia, on “Driving Dealer Service Retention”.

With the softening of new and used car sales experienced by a number of brands in the US in recent years, Dealers have needed to ensure their service departments “pull their weight” when it comes to contributing to dealership profitability. As a consequence of softer vehicle sales for these brands, service sales have also softened (lagging vehicle sales). Regardless of brand, all Dealers need to be ever vigilant of the need to not only preserve, but also improve, their service retention. Read more below …

Download: Motor Dealer Alert-Driving Dealer service retention-June 2011

AADA 2010: Used car and service departments

Following up from our previous Motor Dealer Alert on the recent AADA seminar held at Royal Pines, Gold Coast, we have summarised some of the presentation points provided for the used car and service departments. As previously highlighted, the presentations included some valid best practice ideas, which you should consider for your own dealership …

Download: Motor Dealer Alert-AADA 2010-Used car and service departments-November 2010

Getting the best from AADA 2010

The AADA 2010 conference held at the Royal Pines Resort on the Gold Coast last month was a worthwhile experience – as when attending NADA, dealers tell us that if they can get 2-3 genuine ideas that can be implemented into their dealerships then the time, effort and cost is well spent.

Please click below to read more …

Download: Motor Dealer Alert-Getting the best from AADA-October 2010

Online social communities …

… A waste of time or the most powerful marketing and customer interface tool available?

With our attendance at NADA earlier this year, we heard a lot about online social communities and the “explosion” of activity, in terms of lead generation and ultimate sales success. We attended a number of workshops in respect to this area, one of which was “Selling and Managing Relationships with the Online Social Community” presented by Jim Ziegler of Ziegler Super Systems Inc. Jim provided an overview of the four major online platforms, namely:

  • Facebook
  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • YouTube

Click below to read more in our latest Motor Dealer Alert.

Download: Motor Dealer Alert-Online social communities-June 2010

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