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Why us?

We asked our people why they like working at Fordham. Here are the top five reasons.

1. Business owner focus

It’s why most of us work at Fordham. Business owners are personally involved in their businesses. They’ve got all the complexity you could want. Our focus on privately owned businesses means that we all actually deal directly and solely with business owners, every day. Not always easy, but very rewarding.

2. Client contact, early in your career

Most of our graduates don’t want to be locked in a “back room” punching numbers. They want to understand the whole of a client’s problems and help solve them. At Fordham our client base and philosophy is to get you in front of clients as early as possible. That means faster more enjoyable learning.

We also encourage working on-site at our clients’ businesses to build better client relationships and better understanding of the business realities on the ground.

3. The full suite

You get experience in a range of business, accounting, advisory, tax and investment decisions for clients. That makes the work more varied, more interesting and always challenging.

4. People and personality

Working somewhere day after day, the personality and style of the firm becomes important in how much you enjoy your working life. We think our open, approachable and confident style makes Fordham a great place to work. But then everyone says that about themselves. We’d just ask you to trust your instincts about the places you consider joining. What does if feel like? Look past the marketing statements to the people you meet.

5. Challenge

Every person is given the potential to be their best. Whatever your strengths, whatever your limits, we build our people over their career into what they want to become. That’s why more than half of our Partners started as graduates.

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