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Relationship based methodology 

We build a long term service agenda with clients to build their business and personal wealth.

Our people are responsible for ensuring that their clients receive the services that they want, value and need.

Our people drive and co-ordinate this whole process. Where else can you get that? There is just no other business in Australia that can do all of this.

Our people …

Fordham is the only substantial chartered accounting firm in Australia to focus exclusively on private businesses, their owners and their families.

  • We say “no” to multinationals, public companies and governments
  • Our clients are quiet achievers and are the backbone of the Australian economy
  • Fordham is proud to lead this market
  • Fordham is proud to be part of the Perpetual Group

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We help our business owner clients:

  • Understand and manage their businesses
  • Build and protect their wealth
  • Plan and structure their lives as well as their businesses

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Advising the owners of private businesses is not for everybody. It takes a special person and skill set:

  • You need a passion for understanding how a privately owned business works
  • You need great communication skills in working with business owners, your team and reporting to directors
  • You need strong taxation, accounting, advisory and analytical skills relevant to client businesses with 20–200 employees
  • You must also have a passion to learn and grow. Our Excellence Groups need great people to drive knowledge and maintain our technical edge
  • There are no passengers!

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We genuinely provide a market leading work-life balance for all employees:

  • Flexibility in work hours and times
  • Extra week contribution leave
  • The option to buy an extra three weeks leave annually
  • An environment that encourages fitness and sports participation
  • A great work environment, offices and facilities

We take fun seriously!

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