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There’s more to life than work!

That’s why you should join one of Australia’s leading business owner specialist firms.

We offer graduates opportunities in our business advisory teams, where you will help (and eventually consult) on accounting and taxation, investment management and strategy and planning … directly for people who run their own business. Enjoy face to face relationships with real people with real issues and be part of a fast growing, passionate firm with a truly unique offer.

Graduates represent the key to our future. We look for graduates who are like-minded in their pursuit of a well balanced and rewarding life and who will share our passion for our clients and culture. Every year, we search for around 20 bright young people who will join us as graduates the following year. Commencing in March, we are at the uni’s, we have open days and we invite grads to apply online.

Visit the Careers Info page within our Info Centre for further information.

You can also find us on Facebook at Fordham Careers.


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