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A day in the life

What’s it like to work at Fordham? Get a taste by following a typical day for one of our young staff.

Arrive at work


“I arrive at work. It’s going to be a busy day. There’s that problem that Michael, my boss, gave me yesterday about how to structure the tax for a growing engineering business. I’ll have to get back to that one. I think there’s something about it in the latest tax report…”

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Internal meeting


“I meet with a Partner to go through a client’s business plan. I have responsibility to do the first draft myself, after having met with the client and looked through their financial statements. But there is always the safety net of a director to sign off on the final plan.”

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Client visit on-site


“I visit one of my clients in the wholesale furnishings business with a senior associate. One of the things I enjoy most is meeting face-to-face with clients. It helps me understand their business better, so I can learn and give better advice.”

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Afternoon coffee


“We’ve just renovated our offices, and I like to grab a coffee at our cafe area when my brain is full. One of our new graduates is there - she’s the ‘buddy’ I’ve been assigned to help learn the ropes at Fordham. We’re going to the Spring Racing Carnival in a couple of weeks as a firm social event, which is always a bit of fun.”

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Tough problem to solve


“That tax structure problem is still on my mind. Andrea is our resident tax expert, and she is happy to help. I give her a call and she points me in the right direction – we have several precedents where we successfully argued a similar case.”

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Social catch-up with mate


“End of a long day. I catch up with my new buddy at the local pub. I've finally finished a big restructure for a new client. Involved co-ordinating lawyers, bankers, the ATO and of course, the client. I just love that type of work!”

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