Fordham Group

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Our methodology

How do we make this happen?

We plan

Our unique and proven planning methodology sets a long term agenda for the life cycle of the client.

We build strong relationships

We get to know our clients and all facets of their business and lives. This means our service structure can be tailored to facilitate cost effective communication and service at the appropriate levels.

We drive knowledge

Our centres of excellence in taxation, business theory, economics, superannuation, the motor industry, wealth accumulation, franchising and corporate finance position us at the forefront of specialist areas of knowledge, ultimately benefitting our clients.

We understand the business owner

Our people have an intricate knowledge and understanding of the workings of private businesses and their integration with the wealth of the owners and their families.

We help them build wealth

Our expert in-house Investment Management team provides private portfolio management, strategic advice, superannuation management in accumulation and pension phases and in-house investment research.

We understand the life cycle of the client

Our service methodology builds both the business (active) value and the personal (passive) wealth of business owners by utilising an integrated set of services throughout their lives.

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