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Family office

Building, protecting and transitioning wealth

Significant wealth can be earned by business owners through their working lives and when they exit their business. That wealth can survive from generation to generation when it is properly managed.

A Family Office provides the necessary skill, guidance and management of a family’s wealth to build a structure which can help protect that heritage. Fordham provides a sophisticated Multi-Family Office service which is centralised around the need to integrate the key components of Family Office through a planning methodology.

The service covers all aspects of wealth management including:

Planning, integration and execution
Taxation, wealth, retirement, estate, owner and intergenerational planning
Risk mitigation
Asset protection and risk evaluation
Investment strategy
Asset advisory, funds management, portfolio management, reporting
Recording and reporting
Consolidate reporting, family wealth appreciation, discipline and diligence
Lifestyle management
Bill payment, cash flow management, taxation and compliance, coaching
Family philanthropy
Mission, giving, foundation
Family continuity
Family creed, integration of family and business, intergenerational wealth transfer

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Family office