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Industry experience

The transport industry brings its own complexities. There are courier businesses, line haul, refrigerated, express, and specialist logistics businesses being launched every week. This brings increased competition in an industry which was already known for its competitive nature. Business owners have had to deal with the introduction of industry regulations and unions whilst trying to differentiate themselves in a competitive field.

Many operators are establishing their own warehousing networks to improve their value proposition, keep key customers and increase their revenue. The use of owner driver versus company-owned vehicles creates issues, as does accessing funding to purchase enough vehicles or depots to service customer demands.

We have significant experience in assisting owners of transport and logistics businesses. Our experience covers a broad cross-section of businesses within this sector and the type of advice assisting owners with start up, managing growth, accessing funding, building value and ultimately exiting their business. Regardless of the service being provided, we provide a consultative approach to client’s issues and ensure that we take into consideration the owner’s overall objectives in an integrated fashion.

Further Information

Contact Peter Carroll, Richard van der Merwe or Michael Sutherland for more information.