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Access/equipment hire

Industry experience

The Access Equipment Hire industry is always changing. People are selling to other players, businesses are being merged or sold to private equity, or new entrants come into the market due to low barriers to entry and the assistance provided by equipment suppliers. This sets the landscape for interesting times for people in the Access Industry and we are at the forefront in terms of advising the key players in the industry on their strategy and assisting them in their goals.

This could include the following:

  • Assisting a new entrant to the market in terms of structure of their business, systems, finances for equipment, profitability analysis and working capital requirements.
  • Advising established businesses on their strategy going forward: continue to operate as is, consider buying other businesses, pursuing organic growth or selling the business. We help the business owner through all these strategies and provide the assistance and resources to help them achieve their goals. This could involve helping them with their back office functions and getting their house in order, assisting with growth and ensuring they have the management team and structure to accommodate growth, assisting with due diligence for acquiring a business or ultimately preparing owners for the sale of the business and conducting the sale process with them.

Our industry knowledge allows us to intimately advise business owners in the Access Industry and provide benchmarks on industry performance and norms.

Clients we have assisted include Neville Wright (Western Access), Mike Wilton (Moorland Hire) and Chris Goddard (General Rentals).

Further Information

Contact Richard van der Merwe or Michael Sutherland for more information.