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Industry experience

Since 1992 we have been providing services to this sector as well as having leadership positions with the Franchise Council of Australia.

We focus on providing services to franchisors, who are typically private business owners. This includes: valuing the franchise system, succession planning or assisting the franchisor/business owner in selling their business. We also assist at the time of setting up their business and getting the business structure right from both an asset protection point of view as well as tax efficiency.

Once the franchise is set up, we help manage “active” wealth which flows from the business. We also provide on-going accounting, tax, planning and business advisory services to assist with managing “passive” wealth outside of the business in trusts and superannuation.

Franchisor clients we have worked with include Clark Rubber and Total Tools, as well as Brazilian Butterfly and Life Resolutions. These franchise systems reflect various industries and levels of business maturity and all of our clients benefit from the integrated approach we bring to our client services.

Further Information

Contact Richard van der Merwe for more information.