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Excellence groups

We don’t believe in creating silos of knowledge. We drive excellence through the cross-firm membership of specialised excellence groups. Each group is responsible for research evaluation and dissemination of knowledge in their particular discipline. In this way our people have a broad base of knowledge and experience in all facets of a business owner’s life.

Tax Edge Group
Understanding changing tax law as it relates to management of the tax planning and structuring of our clients.
Wealth Edge Group
Integration of risk management, retirement and estate planning as it relates to business and family structures
Business Edge Group
Strategies for growing client business popularity, building enterprise value and succession planning for the owner(s)
Corporate Finance Group
Building excellence in capital raising, acquisition and sale of companies, valuation and due diligence
Economics Discussion Group
Understanding economic circumstances and prediction of likely positions as they relate to client circumstances
Motor Edge Group
Development of industry leading skills specific to the nuances of the Motor Dealer Client group
Superannuation Edge Group
Superannuation accumulation, retirement and estate planning ideas and strategies for our clients

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