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Our community

We also give of our time and money. We support a range of significant causes where our efforts and our financial support can directly impact people in need. Through the Fordham Charitable Fund, our major program actively supports the following groups:

Port Phillip Specialist School Foundation

We are founding supporters of the PPSS Foundation’s Early Intervention Program which seeks to help very young, highly disabled children in their early family lives and to help introduce them into a wonderful world of special learning at the school.

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Ardoch Broadening Horizons Program

Fordham is a very proud supporter of Ardoch and their valuable program supporting children and young people in overcoming disadvantage and allowing them to realise their potential through full participation in education. Fordham people are actively involved as volunteers in mock interviews, sports days, excursions and more; providing children with enhanced learning experiences and important opportunities to connect with positive role models and the wider community.

Butterfly Fountation

We provide financial support to help the Foundation directly assist Australians who suffer from eating disorders and negative body issues. Their programs seek to provide intervention, prevention, research and treatment for this serious disorder that affects both men and women of all ages.

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Mulleraterong Centre

In the Western District of Victoria, there is a special care facility which provides a valuable service to disabled members of their community. For some time now, we have assisted Mulleraterong in the acquisition of specialist equipment and transport facilities.

Ovarian Cancer Research Foundation

Detection of Ovarian Cancer at its earliest stages provides a good prognosis for full recovery, however survival diminishes greatly when the cancer spreads beyond the ovary. Early detection remains elusive. The Foundation has a real chance to discover a method of making early detection a reality. Our long term support has included the acquisition of an ultra-low temperature refrigerator, other equipment and governance.

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Melbourne Community Foundation

While not a charity in its own right, the Melbourne Community Foundation (MCF) is a body which manages giving on behalf of donors. They provide a cash management service, research and guidance for worthwhile causes and enable donors to accumulate funds in a foundation structure without substantial overhead costs. The Fordham Charitable Group uses MCF and encourages clients to follow our lead. Previously accumulated funds will prove very important when the economy is tight and donations to charities otherwise become scarce.

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