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How we help

Business lifecycle

Explore the key issues you should be thinking through with our family business stages explorer...

Early years

Vision and strategy

It can be lonely out there. We help our clients understand where they are going and how they can get there. Early in our client relationships, we deal with their business strategies, management concerns, resources, rewards, exit strategies and retirement goals.

Tax planning

Most clients meeting us for the first time do not have the most ideal structures for accounting and taxation. We establish new, or rectify poor, structures to ensure clients can legitimately pay less tax through effective management of their affairs without resorting to desperate schemes or dubious pre-year end investments.

Problem solving

An objective head can make all the difference. We regularly and systematically provide our clients with counseling on important things like structure, conduct, performance, growth, funding, marketing and reporting. Our methodology is well suited to problem solving.

Relationships and access

Someone to talk to. Our clients say that having access to the right person at the right time is a key benefit of their relationship with Fordham. Clearly, not your typical accountants!

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With liability from commercial risk or workplace claims aimed clearly at those with assets, it is imperative to ensure that hard earned wealth is protected from unforeseen disasters.

Unplanned events

Life can take an unexpected turn. What impact will ill health or death have on the family and the family business? Such unplanned succession can leave significant problems for dependents.

Loss of control

Trust and Superannuation structures are beyond the control of a will. Careful thought is required to balance asset protection, tax planning and estate planning. Lawyers require briefing in context of all business and family matters, not just wills.

Capital gains risk

The accumulation over time of companies and trusts within a family structure often sees the business ineligible for consesional tax treatment or failing available tax exemptions on sale.

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Family business

Not many third generations

We have observed the gradual decline in passing the family business to children. Generation Y seem even less interested. They would rather be lawyers or accountants. But for the few who show interest in the family business, they need help.

Career planning

Successful transition does not happen by accident. Children require the right education, work experience, training, coaching, practice and management understanding. We work with owners to improve success.


What rights do family members have to participate in the business as employees, managers and owners? Should the next generation be given, willed or sold the business? At what value?


How long? Who might buy your business? What about the kids? What about management? How do you optimise value? Visit the Info Centre to download our Succession Planning Guide.

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What is it worth?

Understanding the principles of business valuation can help a business owner implement longer term strategies to maximise value. Recognising and building competitive advantage can help maximise price.

Alternative exits

Trade sale, management buy-in/buy-out, initial public offering (IPO), family succession, private equity, gift or liquidation. One way or another, succession is inevitable. How does an owner choose the best alternative?


Selling a business is a planned procedure. Key to this is the preparation of an Information Memorandum. Properly executed, it will comprehensively target suitors with a succinct, positive but highly accurate and attractive sales document.

Management of sales process

The whole process from preparation to documentation and from awareness to settlement needs to be carefully controlled. It must ultimately deliver the best after tax outcome for the owner. Visit the Info Centre to download our Selling Your Business Guide.

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Life after

Understanding risk

Most business owners understand their business risks intimately. But, the risks they take on invested funds should not be the same. Once accumulated, wealth outside the business must be carefully protected and invested with a different risk strategy.

Finding good advice

Given a financial planning industry with a long history of commissions, lack of transparency and independence, poor skills and very bad investments, no wonder business owners want to keep control of their investments. We help owners keep control.


Our overriding principles are that of independence, long-term focus, integration, risk mitigation, transparency, no commissions, proper reporting and accountabilities and client control.


Investment strategies must integrate wealth planning with taxation, asset protection, business aspirations, estate planning, risk management, superannuation, trusts and family.

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Wealth transition

Avoiding uncertainty

By failing to address key issues in estate planning, it is not uncommon to leave doubt as to your intentions. This can lead to opportunities for beneficiaries or potential beneficiaries to fight and permanently tear the family apart.

Comprehensive approach

Not all of “your” assets may be covered by your will. Trusts and super funds are outside these arrangements. How does a will link to asset protection measures? What are the taxes payable on your super fund distribution?

Project-managing the professionals

In isolation, estate planning is likely to be ineffective without integration to other facets of wealth management. It is important to co-ordinate the roles of lawyers, bankers and all advisors to ensure full and maximum effective integration. We make this happen.

Where would they start?

Imagine you were suddenly gone. What should your survivors do? What are the PIN numbers? Where are the insurance policies? Who has the Titles? What should they do with the business and where do they get help? You need to leave instructions. Visit the Info Centre to download our Estate Planning Guide.

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