Hot Topic: Your budget …

… not just something for the banks!

By Adrian Palone, Manager, Fordham Business Advisors

It’s coming up to the end of another financial year and the bank has asked for your budget. You knock one together using whatever is on hand and bump the numbers up with big growth saying to yourself “If we’re not doing these sort of the numbers by the end of the year we’re kidding ourselves!” This is then given over to appease the banks and then never looked at again. Sound familiar?

As a business owner there are many important actions and initiatives you should be taking, budgeting is only one of those initiatives! What is important is that you take action now … it won’t happen by itself! At Fordham, we have significant experience in guiding business owners in the art of “successful budgeting”. We are only too happy to help if this is a key challenge in your business.

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