Hot Topic: Raise the bar when rewarding your employees!

How would your business cope if you lost one of your top performing employees?

What are you doing to keep your people motivated? How do you recruit and attract the best employees? What remuneration options can your business offer above and beyond your competitor offering? What could your employees possibly value more than cash …

Attracting top quality employees is a challenge faced by most business owners. That’s why many employers are now providing more than basic salary and wages as a way of differentiating their workplace in the market.

Don’t settle for second best

Understanding and offering alternative forms of remuneration (and any potential tax costs and benefits) might mean the difference between attracting, recruiting, motivating and retaining top quality talent … or simply settling for second best.

Following are some alternative ideas to enhance traditional salary package arrangements:

  • Motor vehicle benefits
  • Profit sharing
  • Additional leave
  • Employee share schemes
  • Child care assistance
  • Professional development
  • Further education
  • Financial planning and wellness services
  • Company sponsored annual trip
  • Personal insurances
  • Superannuation contributions
  • Any many more!

Shape the culture of your business

If used correctly, a well thought out and presented compensation plan can shape the culture of your business. It can provide a unique competitive advantage that attracts potential employees and be a key difference when it comes to successfully bringing them on board.

Remember to show your appreciation

Your people should feel their hard work is appreciated and recognised by you on a personal level. Considering options and alternative benefits will allow you to tailor packages suitable to individual employees, leaving them feeling personally appreciated and recognised.

Having a discussion with your staff around the remuneration you are offering helps identify what motivates your workforce. You may find that some want to develop their skills, or have the opportunity to travel, whereas others might place more value on additional leave so they can spend more time with family.

Like to know how to achieve this?

With a new financial year about to begin, this is the perfect opportunity to review the benefits you provide to your employees and consider … do you need to raise the bar when rewarding your people?

If you would like to learn more about how you, your business and your employees could benefit from a remuneration review please contact your Fordham Partner.

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