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Garry and Narelle Hetherington

Garry Hetherington and his family recently sold the Holiday Hub Beach Resort. A Hetherington family business since 1963, the “Holiday Hub” provides camping, caravan and cabin accommodation to families at Pambula Beach in NSW. In August 2005, Garry Hetherington and his wife Narelle came to Fordham for succession planning advice.

“We came to determine our exit strategy from the business and to better understand the tax, risk, superannuation and estate planning issues and opportunities that are encountered when selling your business. From the planning process, we were able to walk away with a clear and considered strategy that would realise our ambition to convert our business into personal wealth.

They were able to assist us in every step of the sale of the business process which can at times be both complex and stressful. They understood that we still had a business to run and were always responsive to our needs, assisting in the process and using their expertise and experience to our advantage.”

“…assist us in every step…”